I wish Sanjay was here in Mumbai with his loved ones: Namrata Dutt

28 Jul

In this case, even God would have wished things to be different and yes….happier. With the parents no more, and the bonding of the siblings slowly falling through, one of Bollywood’s illustrious family – The Dutts – is a sad state of disintegrated emotion, today. Even as Sanjay Dutt is reluctantly readying his golden jubilee in South Africa, daughter Trishala and sisters Priya and Namrata Dutt won’t be next to him. “I’m off to Bali for a professional commitment, and Trishala is in the Bahamas with her grand parents. We all will certainly miss it. I wish the celebration was in Mumbai amongst the relatives, cousins and other loved ones. I would have cancelled my trip to be with everyone,’ says Namrata.

Getting tad sentimental she further adds, “There’re certain landmark occasions in life which becomes significant only because you share it with your loved ones. Nonetheless, we all will call and wish him tonight”.

So what is the sister wishing for her brother this year we wonder? “True happiness in the years to come. And his happiness lies in his absolute freedom from his legal tangles”.

Sanju may be inundated with good wishes and phone calls on this special day, but our Bollywood’s `Munnabhai’ is deep down hurt since his only sisters and daughter couldn’t be with him on this happy occasion. Namrata adds emotionally, “It hurts us, just as it hurts him. He should also realize that. Even though we try and sort of things, he is influenced by outside factors. From what he has undergone and come out Sanjay is strong guy, we are proud of him. But emotionally, he is very weak. That’s gets difficult and he should realize it”.

She adds further, “Everyone is an adult and siblings do have their differences. That’s where comes in the role of parents who binds us together. Unfortunately we have lost our parents .So it’s left on us to sort it out. But he should make time to sit and sort out. Had our parents been alive, things wouldn’t have been like this”, says a charged up Namrata.

Nonetheless, both Priya and Namrata are very fond of their only brother Sanjay, “ In the deepest and darkest phase of his life his family has been with him and we will always be with him. Hope he understands that. May God grant him all the happiness”, she says, heart heavy but a smile on the face.
Namrata Dutt

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