Rakhi to decide on groom

01 Aug

Rakhi SawanFrom the time NDTV Imagine announced the launch of its show, Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, people have been curious about the final decision.
What will happen in the end? Will she or won’t she get married? And more importantly, who will be the one? The reality show
has become popular over the past weeks, with viewers watching this modern day Swayamvar. There has been a range of emotions on display with all the dulhas trying their best to win Rakhi’s affection.

They have written poetry, serenaded her with songs, arm wrestled and even walked on burning coals to show their love for her! And now that Rakhi has visited the boys’ hometowns and met all her prospective in-laws, only one question remains — who will she choose?

16 eligible men had arrived, but only three caught Rakhi’s fancy and have finally made the cut — Elesh Parujanwala, the handsome NRI from Canada, who is also the viewers’ favourite. Manas Katyal, the young Events Producer from Delhi, whose family welcomed Rakhi with genuine warmth. And Chittiz Jain, the calm and mature businessman from Delhi. One of these lucky men, will be Rakhi’s chosen one.

Tonight is the night when Rakhi will take that important decision. Whatever happens, this will be a night when everyone will tune into Rakhi Ka Swayamvar at 9 pm.

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