India gives Pakistan info on PM’s ‘credible threat’

21 Aug

mumbaigunmanAPIndia will now look closely at actions that Pakistan takes based on the information given. In many ways, this will determine the pace and quality of engagement that India will have with Pakistan.

India on Friday handed over fresh information on Mumbai attacks as well as information related to threats of terror attacks from Pakistan. “Additional information” about the role of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed in the Mumbai attack was given. The information on Saeed, officials claimed, was “cogent and convincing evidence” to prosecute him. Without disclosing details,

sources in the home ministry said the new information comprised “fresh investigation details produced before the trial court in Mumbai”. An official said,

“Reading of the material before the Mumbai trial court clearly pointed to the role of Saeed. This warrants further investigation and evidence on record should certainly lead to Saeed’s prosecution.

” At the request of Shahid Malik, Pakistan high commissioner, foreign secretary Nirupama Rao met him on Friday afternoon. According to sources, India handed over two sets of information — the first being the new evidence and information emerging at the trial in Mumbai on 26/11 and second, information on threats of terror attacks from Pakistan as referred to by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday. The second is more important. It includes information based on intercepts of terrorists’

chatter as well as arrests of terrorists that shows Pakistan-based terror groups are continuing to plan big ticket attacks in India. After the PM made this claim at the chief ministers’ conference on Monday, Pakistan foreign office summoned the Indian deputy commissioner in Islamabad to ask for the information that the PM had based his remarks on. This was passed on to New Delhi, and it was only on Friday that India sent across the information.

With the sharing of this information, India would actually be honouring its commitment in the Sharm el-Sheikh joint statement of sharing “real-time, credible and actionable” information regarding future terror attacks. In a way, India is also making an important leap of faith because in the past, intelligence agencies have found their sources compromised by Pakistan after such sharing. Officials said over the past few weeks, terror threats from Pakistan had multiplied. Security officials said they had picked up terrorists crossing over from both Nepal and Bangladesh who were “singing” to the authorities. There are strong assassination threats — Narendra Modi remains a key target — and important economic centres,

particularly in south and western India, remain at risk. On Mumbai, India handed over details of Pakistani terror groups, particularly on JuD chief Hafiz Saeed. The dossier also contains leads for the Pakistani investigators to follow up to beef up their case against the perpetrators. However,

there is no move for India to open foreign secretary-level talks with Pakistan any time before the UN General Assembly when the two foreign ministers are due to meet. Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Thursday that they had invited foreign secretary Nirupama Rao for talks to Islamabad, but India was yet to respond. Ostensibly, the problem is a scheduling one,

but high level sources said India may not send senior officials to Pakistan before the foreign ministers’ talks scheduled to take place on the sidelines of the UNGA in September. Source

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